Friday, October 15, 2010

Wine and Beer

My boyfriend and I know absolutely nothing about wine, but we are slowly learning.  We have been to a couple of wine tasting parties and tried to learn more about the different varieties.  Tonight, we decided to taste a port.  It was very fruity and had a strange caramel aftertaste.  It was pretty good, but one small glass is enough.  Definitely a dessert wine!


When we went to the Melting Pot for my boyfriend’s birthday, we ordered the Menage a Trois Red Wine.  We both LOVED this wine!  We liked it so much we ordered two bottles.  I was feeling good and warm by the end of dinner.  We couldn’t finish the second bottle, but the restaurant has doggie bags for the wine!  So, it was no problem taking it home!


My brother’s birthday is coming up tomorrow!  I am driving to Tulsa in the morning.  He is a pretty hard guy to buy for.  I usually get him a Best Buy gift card or iTunes gift card.  This time I decided to have my boyfriend pick out some beers for him.  He picked out this beer because it is one of his cousin’s favorites.  


The Rogue is a dark beer that is pretty popular!  I hope he likes these!


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