Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mmmm…. $2 Sandwich

My boyfriend and I like to drive up to the Asian District to get a $2 sandwich.  It is delish and super cheap!!  It is in a small building and still has a Braum’s milk bottle on top!  There is no place to eat inside, and we have to eat in the car. 

DSCF1927 Ok…. even better… It’s actually 1.85 plus tax.


DSCF1929 My boyfriend ordered the BBQ Pork Sub.

DSCF1930 I ordered the chicken sub.  I had to take a bite before we even snapped the picture.  I love love love the cilantro on the sub. 

DSCF1931 Don’t make fun of my small thumbies!  HAHA! 

Since we were up in Oklahoma City, we decided to go to the Akin’s Natural Food Market.  I bought some quinoa, whole wheat natural pasta with flax, a Banana Bread Larabar, a couple butter single servings and some buffalo burgers. 

It’s my first Larabar.  I’m super excited.  I had the Chocolate Almond Butter this afternoon.  It was sooo delish!  I need to buy a jar of it.  It was be soo yummy on a banana for dessert or breakfast!


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