Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to Cut/Peel a Kiwi

I am a food idiot!  Growing up, my mom pretty much stuck with the basics like spaghetti and hamburgers.  We never ate anything too exotic.  Plus, she didn’t really like to cook. 

On our quest to eat better and new foods, I bought some kiwis at the store today.  I had no idea how to peel these suckers.  I actually had to google it.  This is what I found:  Learn to Select, Peel and Slice Kiwi.

Use a knife to cut the ends and peel it with a spoon.  I did the cutting and peeling as my boyfriend acted like kiwi paparazzi and took snapshots.  He’s ridiculous, but I love him!

DSCF1969 DSCF1970 DSCF1975 DSCF1977 DSCF1981 DSCF1983 DSCF1985 DSCF1986 DSCF1987 DSCF1988

Pretty yummy!  The last picture is my boyfriend’s fake excitement for the kiwi.  He said the seeds tasted like little bugs… Mmmmmmmmmm! :)

How do you feel about the kiwi? 

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