Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not a Morning Person

UGH!  I hate mornings!  I am currently trying my best to love them, but it’s just not working!  I would really love, love, love to get up early!  I could get in a workout, walk the dogs, cook a good breakfast and so on.

I actually did get up at 6:15 this morning.  I ate a banana and half the Larabar that I bought at Akin’s.  (I tried the banana bread flavor.  It had three ingredients, which impressed me.  It also had over 200 calories, which did not.  It was pretty good but really heavy for an early morning.)  I drank a small cup of coffee to help me wake up.  I turned on Frasier because it is my morning wake up sitcom.


That’s when it happened… I should have known it would creep up on me… I fell back asleep! I was sitting in the lounging chair with the remote in my hand. 

My boyfriend has made morning baby steps for me.

  • Step 1:  Get Up!
  • Step 2:  Stay Up!

Step 1 has been accomplished.  Step 2 = FAILURE!

Oh well… there’s always tomorrow!

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