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 The Bitchy Waiter:  I've worked in the food industry... So I know some of the good, not so good, horrible, disgusting and "bitchy" things that can happen.  This blog puts it all out there.

J's Everyday Fashion:  She takes photos of the couture outfits she wears.  It's fun to see how she takes runway and magazine fashion and makes it wearable.  She's given me some great ideas for work outfits!

My Marble Rye:  I feel like I can relate to Diana.  I like her honesty, sarcasm and humor.  I feel like we could be good friends.  Plus, we are both Asian.

Girl and Guitar:  A Hooters girl just making a livin', but she wants to be a country star.  She's pretty funny!

Kourtney Kardashian:  Ok... I'm not going to lie.  I love watching Kourtney and all of her fab clothes.  I love how they all dress up just to go to the park or eat lunch with each other.  I would steal her wardrobe in a second. 

Cute and Little:  An Asian Girl's Blog about finding petite clothes.  She has a body type that looks like mine!  Love the outfits she puts together!

From Head to Toe:  A Korean Girl who love makeup.  She gets so creative!  It would take me so long to do some of the things she does with makeup. 

Hyperbole and a Half:  Funny cartoon blog with really bad illustrations made from Paint. 

Peanut Butter Fingers:  Julie posts about her daily eats, exercises and happenings. 

I'm an Okie!:  A fellow Oklahoma girl!  Gotta give it up to the Midwest!  Read her blog about food, fitness and finding herself.  

Lamebook:  If you use facebook (and let's face it... who doesn't), you will enjoy this funny blog. 

CakeSpy:  Just looking at this blog will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Enthusiastic Runner:  My friend, Jocelyn's blog.  She's a runner.  She's a traveler.  She does it all...

I am always finding new blogs I love! 

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