Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Skinny Louis

My little Louis was getting really fuzzy and had lot of mats in his hair.  I don’t brush him regularly because he hates it.  He won’t even let me get the brush through his hair once before he is running away.  Then, he runs around with Jack all day and his hair just gets worse and worse. 

I have only found one groomer that I like in Norman, but she books months in advance.  She is reasonable and does a great job.  Since I couldn’t get another appointment with her, I tried out another newer groomer.  She was quite pricey and didn’t do that great of a job.  At least, she got the job done.


IMG_3813 After the grooming, he looked so tiny. 


IMG_3819IMG_3816The dog shelter in Norman had a doggie afternoon.  My boyfriend decided to go back to Tulsa this weekend to visit with his parents and brother.  So Louis and I were on our own.  Of course, we had to check out the doggie afternoon park day.

DSCF1947 They had several different booths at the park.  They also had dogs available for adoption.  I actually got Louis from the Tulsa SPCA.  I strongly believe in adopting dogs from shelters.  There are so many dogs that don’t get a chance to live in a loving home and so many dogs get put down every year due to overpopulation. 

DSCF1933 They had a Frisbee throwing contest.  Some of the dogs were great at it.  We are trying to teach Jack to catch a Frisbee.  Unfortunately, Louis gets in the way of the teaching.  Louis always goes after the Frisbee and forgets about it mid-run.  He must be ADD.  Jack goes after the Frisbee, but he is terrible at bringing it back.  He gets it in his mouth and immediately drops it. 

DSCF1936 One of the contests they held was best trick.  This dog had on jean shorts and shook them off.  It was sort of a weird trick!

DSCF1945 A dog bigger than the owner!!

DSCF1943 There was several dogs in the audience watching the show.

DSCF1946 We even found a dog that looked sort of like Louis!

DSCF1941 Louis had a great time!


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