Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Boyfriend, Jack’s Crate and Veggie Fried Rice

Last night, my boyfriend got inside Jack’s crate to play.  MISTAKE! 

IMG_3949 IMG_3950 

I actually locked him in there.  hehe!  Ok… Ok… he can actually get out pretty easily, but he was a good sport and let me snap a picture.


Tonight, I decided to make veggie fried rice without the tofu.

I chopped up several veggies – broccoli, carrots and onions.  Then, cooked them up in some oil and added sesame oil for flavor.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE sesame oil!  It smells and tastes – oh so – good!


I made some white rice.  We bought some natural, brown rice at the Asian market, but I had this white rice left. 


Mix the veggies with the rice.  I also added some corn, peas and lots of soy sauce. 


I know what your thinking….

You:  Mmmm!  Carrie!  That looks fab!  Let’s eat! 

Me:  No… No… No… It’s not fried rice until we add this last thing…

You:  But, it looks so yummy and we’ve been chopping and cooking.  I’m ready to eat!

Me:  I know!  But…  fried rice is not fried rice without the egg!!

You:  Oh!  Yea!  Carrie, you are a genius!  (Bowing to my genius)

Me:  I know… I know… Now get up and let’s cook us some eggs!




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