Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oklahoma Fish and Orange Leaf!

Tonight, we ate some Oklahoma catfish.  My boyfriend’s parent’s neighbor (Get that?) gave it to us.  I baked it with some seasonings.  It was pretty good.  My boyfriend says he can tell it was caught in Oklahoma. 

IMG_3984 IMG_3985

I fixed up some corn on the cob and broccoli as sides. 


Here’s my plate:


We decided to go try out Orange Leaf for some yogurt!  We usually go to Braum’s but decided to try something different.  It’s a pretty popular place.  We had to park in the lot next to the shop. 


The top one is my boyfriend’s cup.  He got chocolate and vanilla with strawberries, sprinkles and chocolate chips.

The bottom one is mine!  I got white chocolate and wedding cake with white and dark chocolate chips and Reese’s pieces.  It was worth all the calories!

Jack’s been driving us crazy lately.  We need to take him to puppy training!  He is sooo hyper even after we exercise him.  Any ideas for puppy school?

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