Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Fashion

I went shopping on Saturday to get some new fall clothes.  I found some great deals!  Pay no attention to the messy room!


Sweater from Francesca’s for $34.

Plain White Tunic from Wet Seal for $7.  Wet Seal has some great basics for cheap prices. 

Black Leggings from Francesca’s for $12.

Boots from Kohl’s for $32.  (They are actually little girl’s shoes, but I thought they were cute!)


Sweater from Express for $34. 

Long sleeve white tunic from Wet Seal for $10. 


Star Tee from Wet Seal for $6.



I don’t know if I will wear this shirt with leggings.  It’s a little short and doesn’t completely cover the bum!


Necklace on SALE at Francesca’s for $6. 

I also bought some grey leggings from Wet Seal for $10.

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