Monday, October 11, 2010

Volunteering at the High School

I haven’t done much volunteering over the past few years.  I heard about Junior Achievement over the radio.  In the program, volunteers go to a classroom to teach students about economics, money or business.  They have several different subjects. 


Initially, I wanted to teach younger kids, but they didn’t have any opportunities close to my work.  So, I decided to volunteer at a high school teaching economics. 

Is it me or do high schools have a distinctive smell?  I swear they could bottle up the smell, and everyone would recognize it.

The first time I went to the class.  They didn’t listen to the directions and completely missed the point.  Step 1 to volunteering in a high school classroom:  Don’t make the kids read directions.  You have to spell it out for them.

I have a hard time keeping the kids attention because obviously who’s dating who, homecoming, clothes, food, sleeping, cars, plans after school, tv and pretty much any other subject is more important than learning economics.  So…. I bribe them… with candy… especially Kit Kats.  Those kids loooove them a Kit Kat.  Step 2 to volunteering in a high school classroom:  Bring LOTS of Kit Kats.


A lot of them hate to talk in class, but I found the secret.  Step 3 to volunteering in a high school classroom:  Focus the conversation on them.  They loooove to talk about themselves!  So if you can somehow focus the lessons on their experiences they will actually offer discussion. 

Hopefully, they are learning something about managing their money.  At least, it has been an experience for me.  My boyfriend and I are going to start volunteering as an ESL tutor at the end of the month.

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