Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Fall Weekend.

My mom came to visit us this weekend.  We had dinner with her Friday night at BJ’s.  I ordered the Garden Vegetable Potato.  It was a monster!  I ate half of it, and there was still a ton leftover.  I had the leftovers for lunch today.  It looks like I hadn’t eaten any of it at the restaurant.  I managed to finish most of it off today. 


Saturday, my mom and I went to the Affair of the Heart.  It is an Oklahoma craft show.  It was crazy crowded.  A lot of women have these special shopping carts they take to the show.  They weren’t paying attention and would either block us or stop right in front of us.  Some people have no situational awareness.  Annoying….

I bought a marshmallow gun for my nephew.  Very cute and fun!  I had to use it to shot my boyfriend with marshmallows a couple of times before I put it away.  He got annoyed with me, but I kind of want one for myself now!  :)


They also had a bunch of Christmas decorations.  I bought a little snowman yard decoration but didn’t really see anything else I needed.  

Tonight for dinner, I decided to make shrimp and cheese grits.  YUM!  I thawed some frozen shrimp and took the tails off.  It’s always annoying to me to take the tails off while you are eating or take a bite of shrimp only to find out you have to peel each one. 


CHEESE GRITS!  Very Southern of Us!


I warmed the shrimp in some stewed tomatoes with cooked broccoli.  It doesn’t look very appealing, but it turned out great!  My boyfriend had seconds and finished it all off!


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