Monday, October 18, 2010

My Frustrations

Lately, I have been having a few frustrations!

1. MICE!!

I haven’t been cooking as much lately because we have a BIG problem!  We have mice in the house!  Soooo disgusting!  We bought three packages of mouse traps and some D-Con poison! 

mouse trap 

I am all about animal rights and killing humanly, but I want these mice DEAD!  I don’t care if they are small babies.  I want them all to die!  They are gross, getting in the cabinets, nibbling our food and leaving behind evidence!  So gross!  We set up lots of traps and poisons!  It’s going to be like mouse Armageddon! 

I make my boyfriend check the traps in the morning before we get up because I don’t want to see their dead bodies.  I don’t want to see them ever!  UGH!

2.  Allergies and Boogers!

BLAH!  I am allergic to everything.  It still hasn’t gotten cold enough to kill all the plants.  I am suffering with my allergies REAL BAD.  Lots of snot and boogers!  I know… I know… Gross.  Sudafed seems to be the only things that slightly helps.  I used to take allergy shots, but I’m suppose to be better.  Apparently, that was all lies. 


My friends used to think it was hilarious that I was allergic to grass.  I played soccer and always broke out on my legs after games.  My best friend still thinks its funny to throw me in a bush and see if I break out.  AAaaaah… Friends Forever!

3.  Rental House Slumlord

In the seven and a half months that we have lived in our house, everything in the house has been broken and had to be fixed.  Soooo… very… very… frustrating.


Ok… ok… our house isn’t that bad, but sometimes it feels like this. 

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