Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Tilapia

I have to admit I didn’t stuff these fish.  I cheated I bought it in the store already stuffed, but they were pretty tasty.  Also, I love an easy dinner.  Take fish out of the package and place in a baking dish!


I made some corn muffins with the fish.  I bought these mixes from Aldi.  When you are living on a budget, Aldi is amazing!  You can get a lot of the basics very cheap. 


My boyfriend’s FAVORITE veggie is corn on the cob.  He could eat this every day, all day at every meal.  I fixed six Nibblers just for him.


I didn’t feel like corn on the cob.  So, I also made some green beans with onions.  Mmmmm!  Can you tell we like lots of black pepper?


YUMMY!  Here’s my dinner plate:


My boyfriend had a similar dinner plate, but he had an additional corn on the cob plate.  He ate every last one of them.  Of course, he covered them in salt, pepper and BUTTER!  We always joke about using butter as dip!  It’s our “butter dip”!  :)  I feel like Paula Dean talking about all this Bud – ha, ya’ll!


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