Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Favorite Norman Restaurant

Tonight, we went to our favorite Norman Restaurant.


  It is always super busy.  We don’t like to wait at restaurants.  So, we usually order carry out here.  The great thing about Tarahumara’s is the speedy service.  We can order on our way to the restaurant, and it will be ready by the time we get there.  When we eat there, it’s just as speedy.  We barely have time to scarf down a few chips and salsa, and then our food appears.

The salsa is delish!  We also like to order the green salsa.  It is a bit more spicy!  Who doesn’t love spice?


I like to get the toreadas.  It is grilled onions and peppers.  It’s pretty much fajitas without the meat.  It looks pretty gross in the picture, but, trust me, it is so yummy.  Put some in a tortilla with some of that spicy salsa, and you will be SAT-IS-FIED!


My crazy boyfriend didn’t eat all day.  He was dying to eat.  Once we got home, he stuffed his face.  He ordered the tacos al berrago (3).  They overstuff them, and you can really make five or six tacos.


We aren’t really a dinner table couple.   In fact, our kitchen is pretty small.  There’s really no room to eat at the table.  It’s more like a big shelf for all our extra stuff that doesn’t fit in the pantry and for the mail and for making drinks and extra counter space.  It’s pretty much used for everything besides eating.

So, we decided to put in a movie.


My boyfriend really liked it.  He liked how they were referred to as the Jedi, and Ewan McGreger was in it.  (He played Obi Won.) 

I’m always freezing.  So, I covered up with the throw blanket like an old lady. 


Hope you are having an exciting Friday!

Tomorrow I’m going to my first OU Sooners game.  I guess it is inevitable after you live in Norman for so long.

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