Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crazy gals in ATX

Well, I went to Austin for Labor Day weekend. It was crazy fun! A bunch of my girlfriends and Theta sisters met up to paar-ty! We always have one too many drinks, but it is always a good time.

We rented a boat out on Lake Travis. It was crazy busy! There were people all over the place. In Oklahoma, you put on a dirty swimsuit with no makeup, and you are ready for the lake. Apparently in Texas, going to the lake is like going to the club. You put on some sparkles and fashion with your hair did and makup done. We also drove by hippy hallow (sp?). It is a nude beach. NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT! I did not know whether to laugh or set my eyes on fire.

Since we were in Texas, we ate Mexican food for pretty much every meal. We had some breakfast tacos. We ate some delicious migas for Sunday brunch at Stubbs. The gospel music was a lot of fun!

We also went to Chuy's. I got a veggie enchilada and a Mexican Martini. Both were excellent! I have to say after all that food. I feel like I gained ten pounds!

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