Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gettin’ Used to the Bloggin’

I’m still gettin’ used to all this bloggin’.  Tonight was boring.  My boyfriend had to work late.  So, it was just me and the dogs.  I ate some leftover seafood pasta, and a couple of animal crackers for dessert.  


Last night, my boyfriend and I ate some Quizno’s.  I love Quizno’s.  I used to work there for a couple of summers.  It wasn’t a bad job.  I really like the sammies.  My boyfriend got a large turkey bacon guacamole.  He almost ate the whole thing.  Of course, I had to have a couple of bites. 

TBG We were running low on food at work.  I usually have some lean cuisines at work for an easy lunch.


I also usually keeps some apples and carrots there for a snack.  While we were at the grocery store, I was sooo hungry!  I know… I know… NEVER go to the grocery store hungry or else you come back with a bucket of ice cream, hot dogs and a lunchable… haha… maybe that’s just me, but I found a great snack.  I love love love cheetos for snacking every once in a while.  They take me back to my slumber party days.  I found these Natural Cheetos.  They were actually pretty tasty! natural cheetos

I really need to get a new memory card so I can take some more pics.  I have been using my boyfriend really nice, professional camera, but I don’t want to carry that everywhere.  Captain Jack Sparrow ate my old memory card.  Lame, but look forward to some great picture takin’.  :)

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