Monday, November 29, 2010

Unbearable Lightness by Portia

I finally finished Portia’s book.  I really enjoyed the last portion of the book.  She eventually learns an “ordered” way of eating. 


She finds it is much easier to maintain weight without depriving herself of any type of food.  If she is able to eat whatever she wants, she finds she doesn’t crave it or need to binge.  She finds being vegan comes naturally to her. 

She also finds a healthy way to exercise.  She walks the dogs and takes up horseback riding.  An observation that I thought was interesting:  You never see overweight people outside walking their dogs, but you do see overweight people inside on the treadmill.  Finding a way to exercise and be happy is essential. 

Anyways, I am glad I read it…

Anyone up for a book exchange??  If you want to read her book, I will trade you for another interesting book.  Let me know!

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