Friday, November 19, 2010

The other end of the Scale… (Pun Intended)

So, I am reading Portia’s book.  It’s all about eating disorders and self control.  Then on TV last night and the night before, I have seen programs about obesity.  Hence, reading a book about starving yourself and watching TV about gorging yourself. 

The first show I saw was on TLC.  (Of course, TLC has all those weird reality shows… I hate/love Sister Wives, but that’s for another day). 

It featured an obese couple trying to have a baby.  She was unable to get pregnant because her weight caused her to be on irregular cycles.  They also showed an obese woman who was pregnant and had to get a c-section.  Not to be mean, but both stories were kind of boring.  HEL-LO… Reality TV… I want lots of drama…

I saved the best for last… A metro-sexual obese man.  He would spend hours in the morning fixing his hair in bed.  Applying product (and, yes, he did use the word “product”) … Blow drying…  Brushing… Blow drying… Hair spray… Blow drying… etcetera etcetera etcetera, but I guarantee it included a lot of blow drying. 

He was also invited to a church to sing.  Guess what this means?!?!  New outfit!!  (Insert girl scream here)  So, he, of course, had to go fabric shopping with his wife.  (YAY!)  It looked as though he could barely walk because of his weight; therefore, he had to use a wheelchair.  Since he is in a wheelchair, it was his wife and her sister running around the fabric shop showing him dozens of fabric samples.   

Then, his wife slaved overnight to make him some sort of brown vest and outfit.  (Unfortunately, I missed the end result.)  All the while, he demanded dinner and a refill because I am assuming he could not physically get it himself.  I quote, “My cup NOT runneth over.”  (shaking his glass and wanting a refill on his drink). 

Summary:  An overweight pre-madonna.  I have so many opinions… I am bursting at the seams… (Again, pun intended), but I will just leave you with my description of the show and let you judge accordingly. 


Last night, I saw the Heart Attack Grill on the Travel Channel (?).  (I can’t remember.  It seems like all the channels have shows about food now.) 


Apparently, they put lard on all their burgers and cook the fries in lard.  BLECH!  Not only does this sound really gross and just made me vomit in my mouth a little, but I hate the word lard.

Here’s the kicker:  If you are over 350 pounds, you eat for free…  yea… no words…

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