Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Day in Boston

Well, I had another bar for breakfast.  It sounded really delicious, but I was disappointed.  The chocolate chips on the side would indicate chocolate chips in the bar.  Fail… no chocolate chips.  In fact, it’s kind of a weird chocolate flavor.  I don’t know… Maybe I wasn’t quite awake when I ate this, but it was not too wonderful.  Live and learn. 


My friend, Erin, is getting her PHD in Chemistry.  She took me to a chemistry get-together tonight.  At first, she told me to pretend to be a Chem student, but I was really confused as I know nothing about chemistry.  If anyone were to ask me a question about chemistry, I would most likely answer with a simple “Periodic Table?” while looking extremely confused and hopefully that this answer was remotely related to what they were asking.  I suppose that’s not convincing when talking to chemistry students from Harvard. 

So, we decided to go with “Hello!  I’m Erin’s friend, Carrie… I don’t know anything about chemistry… please defer all questions and conversation related to chemistry to her… thanks for the free food and beer!”

I hate being in pictures… But, here is a picture of my friend, Erin, and the president of the Chemistry Club with my other friend, Deb. 


PAAR-TY!  Chemistry Style!!

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