Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sparhawk Liquid Urban Tour

I’m in Boston!

After a plane delay, I finally made it.

I tried to take a taxi from the airport, but there are a bunch of shuttle drivers that yell at you and tell you not to take the taxi.  So instead of taking a taxi, I got onto a shuttle.  Then, they made me get off the shuttle because there were too many people.  They ushered me onto another shuttle by myself with another driver.  It was all very strange, but I made it to my destination.

I met my friends at a pub.  The Sparhawk Liquid Urban Tour was happening.  It’s a pub crawl!  We got a shirt with the plan mapped out. 


Apparently, the theme was pirates!  Everyone had pirate accessories.  My friend, Erin, had a tiny pirate hat, and she wore it all night!  She kept screaming about how tiny her hat was. 

DSCF1991 DSCF1996

These are the guys that started the pub crawl.  Excellent pirate dreads!  My boyfriend would totally dig this hat. 


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