Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Portia de Rossi’s Book

I did end up buying Portia’s book.  I am about halfway through it.  It’s been pretty interesting.  I loved watching Ally McBeal, and she writes about how she felt behind the scenes.  She felt like an outsider.  There were a lot of insecurities.  She asked a few of the cast members to lunch, and eventually found out they don’t eat lunch together.  Instead, she went out during the lunch break to chain smoke. 


She writes about her childhood experiences as a up-and-coming model.  She would have been completely satisfied in just getting her portfolio shots and never being hired, but her relationship with her mother pushed her to actually take the jobs.  She didn’t want to let anyone down. 

I have always though Portia is gorgeous.  I think the book has been interesting because everyone has their insecurities.  I also have a couple of friends that dealt with eating disorders, and it is insight.

I also saw a commercial on tv for a new show coming called What’s Eating You?  (I think that’s the name.)  It’s on A&E about eating disorders.  I suppose all the media coverage show how this is a more prominent problem. 

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  1. part of me wants to read this book, and part of me does not. I have no experience with disordered eating, and while I know it is a very real thing, I never had any feelings about the subject until I watched Portia on Oprah... I was very sad to learn that because of disordered eating, she developed Lupus, a horribly debilitating disease and that many do not choose, and that frustrated me.

    See? I don't feel I can even talk about this, because I sound like I have zero compassion for it. :(

    I'll stop there... and say I LOVE your blog, and wouldn't want to do laundry on my last day, either!! :) LOVE that !!