Monday, November 8, 2010

A Trip to Whole Foods

Sunday was a lazy day because we went all out at the pub crawl.  We decided to see Due Date.

due-date-movie-poster It was pretty funny!  If you liked the Hangover, you will probably like this movie as well.  It was not as funny as the Hangover but still good.

Afterwards, we went grocery shopping at Whole Foods.  This is probably the second time I have been in this store.  We were in Boston grocery shopping on a Sunday.  So, there were tons of people.  I was getting an anxiety attack.  Everyone was bumping carts.  Old ladies were fighting each other for parking spots.  Mothers were flipping the bird… ok… ok… maybe a little overdramatic, but it was crazy!

I managed to buy some bars and bananas to eat for breakfast.  Today, I had this nut bar.  It was pretty good and very filling. 


For lunch, I bought some soups.  Today, I tried this cream of broccoli.  I think broccoli is my new favorite veggie!

DSCF2028 DSCF2034 The soup had huge chunks of broccoli in it.  I enjoyed.

I am working from my friend’s house.  So, this is a picture of my co-worker:

DSCF2035Simon!  He’s getting a lot done!  Naps are an essential part of his day!


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  2. I am so excited to be getting a Whole Foods! I love that store.

    I think I acidentally deleted the comment? I have no idea how to use blogger.