Friday, November 5, 2010

Portia de Rossi

I love Portia de Rossi!  I think she is gorgeous, and she seems like she would be such a nice person to meet.  I always loved watching her on Ally McBeal.  In fact, I watched some of the episodes last night. 

I also love Ellen.  I think she is so clever and hilarious, of course!  So, I had to watch Portia on Ellen yesterday.  I tivo’ed it and watched it last night.  Her interview with Ellen was pretty amazing. 

Portia-de-Rossi-4_JPG She wrote a book about all her struggles with eating disorders.  If you pay any attention to celebrity news, you know she has said she only ate 300 calories a day and would take 20 laxatives a day.  It just shows all the pressures that can be put upon a person to look thin.  The one thing she could control was her weight.  She controlled it and got down to 82 pounds!!

I really want to buy her new book.  She actually wrote it herself, which is amazing in itself in the celeb world. 

portia-bookI am leaving tomorrow for a trip!!  So, I might just have to buy this book tonight to read on the plane!

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