Thursday, November 11, 2010

Candlepin Bowling

Breakfast yesterday:



Yesterday’s Lunch:


It was pretty good, but it needed some salt.  I loved the grains in this soup!  I love, love, love Whole Foods.  It is amazing!!  AMAZING!!


Last night, we went bowling.  I am probably the worst bowler ever.  I think it is due to my little thumbs and weak wrists. 

They had candlepin bowling at the alley.  I had never even heard of this before.  You use smaller balls and get three shots instead of two. 

 DSCF2059 Look at those tiny candlepins!

I would definitely need bumpers!


I had lunch at a restaurant called Pairings.  Its in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.  It was ok but crazy expensive.  I already at the Hotel and didn’t want to leave to walk in the cold weather.

I got a wild mushroom Panini.  Again, it was just ok.  The French fry straws were a tease.  Since they were so tiny, you only got a little taste of fry.  I wanted to shove them all in my mouth together, but I guess that’s not considered classy. 

DSCF2077DSCF2075 DSCF2076 

I know this is disgusting to say and forbidden in the health food world, but I’m not ashamed…. I love McDonald’s Fries!  These did not compare.  So, I only ate a few. 

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