Monday, March 14, 2011

Taro Root… What?!?

My boyfriend had an idea to try taro root.  Apparently, we had it in Hawaii at a luau, but I don’t remember it at all.  I looked up a recipe that was similar to how he had it at the luau, and I found this:

We went to the Asian District to try to find all the correct spices and some taro root.  All we could find was this crazy, big taro root.  All the smaller taro root had been scalped over. 


I couldn’t even find all the right spices, but I got this blend of spices that seemed to have a lot of the same things that Ms. Manjula used. 


Well, just peeling and cutting up this ginormous root was a task.   There was waaaaaaaaaay too much to work with. 


In a feeble attempt to use as much as possible (I hate to waste food), I stuffed it a majority of it in a skillet.  Big Mistake!  It cooked unevenly… The spices were all over the place.


Long story, short…. It did not turn out like the video’s recipe.  It was weird and dry.  It’s pretty much like potatoes, but weirder…. haha!  At least, I tried…

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