Monday, March 14, 2011

OKC Asian District – Pho Cuong

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I went up to the Asian District to go grocery shopping.  We bought some taro root to try to cook.  (That should be fun…)  We wanted to go to our favorite sandwich place, Saigon Baguette, but by the time we got done grocery shopping, it was closed. 

Instead, we headed down Classen to find a different Asian restaurant to try.  We saw this bright green building with a lit up “OPEN” sign and swung across the street to jerk our way into the parking lot. 


Turned out to be Pho Cuong, I have no idea how to pronounce that, but it is Vietnamese Noodle Soup.  Yum!


They served the pho with bean sprouts and loads of fresh basil.  I love me some bean sprouts!  I can eat those things raw!  My boyfriend put a whole, huge sprig of basil in his pho…


I had the Number 2, which was pho with eye round steak and well-done brisket.  It was pretty good!  I loved the cilantro in the soup!


There were no forks in sight.  So, my boyfriend had to use “those stick things” to eat his noodles!  Heehee!  It was a little bit of a mess (this picture is a blurry mess)…BUT, a good mess. 


We really liked it.  Plus, it was really cheap and filling!  We decided to try some other new places in the Asian district because they all turn out so good and cheap to boot!

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