Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Princess Party

Whew!  Busy Weekend!  I went out to the Melting Pot on Friday night…Mmmmmmm!  So good!  I love love love chocolate fondue!!  We had the yin yang.  One of my favorite things has got to be bananas in melted chocolate!


Then, I went out to my brother’s on Saturday for my niece’s princess party!  Isn’t she the sweetest? 


They decided to rent a huge princess bounce house!


They also rented a little popcorn machine.  My mom is a popcorn fanatic!  Sometime she goes to the movies just for the popcorn!  haha!  The popcorn was sooo good.  Nice and salty!


Of course, there were lots of princess presents to open!

  IMG_5122 IMG_5126

My littlest nephew likes to store food in his cheeks.  You have to watch him like a hawk or he will run around with food in his little chubby cheeks looking like a chipmunk.


  Her “big present” was a princess gator.  Obviously, the little boys liked the vehicle too!


Grandma bought her this princess dress!  She kept asking grandma for the dress and making sure she would get it for her birthday.


She always wants to make sure she looks beautiful in the pictures!


Blowing out her candles on the princess cake/cupcakes!


No princess party is complete without a little dress up!

IMG_5188 IMG_5193

Happy 4th Birthday Mauryn!  Aunt Carrie loves you!

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  1. OMG they are so oooooold. We must be ancient.
    I love the pics, keep 'em coming! :D