Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pho Winner – Norman, OK

Unfortunately, my boyfriend is having truck problems.  So, we have been sharing one car.  I had to pick him up from school last night.  Since we were already by campus corner, we decided to eat dinner out around there.  After our pho experience in Oklahoma City, we decided to try the pho in Norman.  The name of the restaurant is Pho Winner.  I think we were a little hesitant because besides us there was only one other couple in the restaurant.  It’s not the best sign when there are not a lot of people in the restaurant.

We decided to order some spring rolls as an appetizer.  It comes with three for $3.  Eh… They were okay.  Nothing special.  The sauce was not really that good.  It tasted like creamy peanut butter.  Literally, dipping the spring roll in creamy peanut butter.  Not very appetizing.  We just used soy sauce instead. 

IMG_0203 I ordered the tofu and egg roll vermicelli bowl.  It also came with a little side of soup?  I’m going to be honest… I had no idea what the soup stuff contained.  Maybe it was sauce?  I’ll have to read the menu better next time.  It was really sweet and not really hot.  A big surprise when I was expecting hot and savory.  Was I was suppose to put it over the noodles???  IDK. 

The vermicelli bowl was HUGE and had a ton of noodles!  I didn’t eat all the noodles, but I really enjoyed the greens, sprouts and cucumbers under the tofu!  It was delish!

IMG_0204 My boyfriend order a pho.  I think it had flank in it? 

IMG_0206 IMG_0207

He really liked it.  He thought it was just as good as the other pho restaurant in Oklahoma City.  He just dumps the plate of sprouts and herbs into the soup bowl.  He order the regular size and still couldn’t eat it all.  You definitely get plenty of food.  If my boyfriend cannot finish off a meal, there is a ton of food on the plate. 

Overall, I think we will be back.  My boyfriend has really gotten into the pho. 

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