Monday, August 16, 2010

Where does it come from and what's in it?

My boyfriend and I have been trying to eat more healthy. I have been cooking more rather than ordering take out. We have been trying to eat less red meat and chicken. We eat more fish, more veggies and more fruits.

As I learn more and more about food, I wonder where the did this come from and how did it get in my kitchen? The more I learn about red meat, the more I don't want to eat it. Is it true that there are up to a hundred cows in one meat patty? Where are those cows? Are they steer? I'm sure there is plenty of research out in cyberland about these facts, but I just pose it as a question to think about.

My boyfriend studies anthopology. In one of his classes, he had to read about processed chicken. A lot of the pictures and facts were pretty disgusting. His book would probably deter a lot of people from thinking about processed chicken for a long time. Although I do love chicken nuggest every now and then, I hate to think about what I am actually eating.

We bought a gallon of milk last night. My boyfriend noticed that it said it was from a neighboring state. Strange... since there is a dairy farm about an hour away from where we live. I want that farm's milk. It's the same brand, but it came from a different state? Hmmmm....

Then, there is always the comparison of organic vs. conventional. I read an article yesterday about this subject. I am going to try to buy more of our produce organic, but sometimes it is just easier and less expensive to buy conventional. Although, I do love farmer's markets.

I would love to buy all organic and all health food or vegan or vegetarian substitutes, but the problem is how much it would increase my grocery bill. Also, I like a lot of variety. I have read a lot of health food blogs and what people are eating. It seems like a lot of them eat the same things over and over. They like to buy the same spreads, oats, fruits and so on. We get bored of the same things pretty quickly. So, I am always trying to find different recipes. I will buy something because it looks interesting and then figure out how to cook it or put it together in a meal.

I suppose my entire point of this post is...
  • I would love to be more healthy in my eating habits.
  • I like organic produce and food, but it can get expensive.
  • I need more vegetarian/healthy recipe ideas.

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