Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tornados and Thunder

The two big things in Oklahoma news right now are tornados and the OKC Thunder.

On Tuesday, we had several tornados hitting the ground.  One was pretty close to our house.  Luckily, it dissipated before it got to our area, but we saw debris falling from the sky after it had passed us.  It was pretty crazy!  If you were raised in Oklahoma and you hear tornado sirens, you run outside to see if you can spot it.  Kind of messed up but true!

Most everyone was sent home early from school and work to take shelter.  We don’t have a storm shelter in our duplex.  We would either have to try to make a run for it or take cover in my closet, the room in the centermost part of the building.  The puppies and I were freaking out a little (or a lot), but my boyfriend kept saying, “it’s going to miss us.” and “we’ll be fine.” and “you wanna go see if we can track one?”  ummmmm…… no……

Here’s some footage of the tornados:

It’s kind of like the movie Twister.

In other news, the OKC Thunder lost to Dallas.  Boooo… We didn’t make it to the finals. 


Usually, I know nothing about sports and could care less, but it was actually pretty cool having a national team make it so close to the championship from my city.  My boyfriend and I went to a few games last season.  It’s a lot of fun to be there.  It’s much more fun than watching it on the TV.  Anyways… maybe next year!

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