Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year’s Eve!

I’ve been on a holiday hiatus!  I haven’t blogged or really done much of anything over the holidays…  “Why?” you ask.  Because I have been laaaaaaaaazy!  haha!

Everyone is making their New Year’s Resolutions and getting ready for the fantastic parties!


I haven’t quite made all my resolutions yet, but I heard some on the morning news today.  One guy made a resolution to “Be Nice.”  Does that mean he is going to be a complete dick until midnight?  My boyfriend and I just thought it was a little funny. 

Anyways… In the New Year of 2011 (!), I am going to have some more posts!  I will probably even have to back track because I still haven’t posted anything about Christmas!  I am so behind!  :) 

Happy New Year and Best Wishes! 

Don’t Drink and Drive!!

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