Tuesday, December 7, 2010

20 Salads in December: My 1-6 Salads

I accepted the 20 Salads in December Challenge.  I don’t know about all the rules, but this is a record of my 20 Salads.

1 and 2:  I ate a Salmon Caesar Salad from Louie’s.  I count this as two because I split up the salad.  I ate half of it at lunch and the other half for dinner.  That counts as two right?


3:  Black Bean Salad/Chili.  In my salad recipe quest, I found some cold black bean salads, but a hot black bean chili sounded much better in the cold weather.  Even though it’s not a cold salad, I’m still counting it. 


4:  Broccoli slaw.  One of my boyfriend’s favorite side dishes. 


5 and 6:  I had this pasta salad a couple of times at work.  I still have some leftover.  So, you will probably see it again!


I am doing pretty well on my salads.  Plus, I have tried to stay away from the boring green salads.  I think I will be able to complete the 20 Salad Challenge.

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